14 October 2015

Allyson Morgan

49% of Brits think aid to India should have stopped long ago


  • 49% of people in the UK think aid should have stopped long ago
  • 41% of women say this is the right time to cease aid
  • 43% of 16-19 years say aid to India should continue

UK aid to India will cease in 2015

Back in 2012, the International Development Secretary announced the UK would stop aid to India in 2015. In 2012, the UK was providing upport worth about £200m and from now on Britain will concentrate on providing technical support. At the time, Oxfam criticised the decision stating that millions of children die in India every year and more than 350 million people in India live on less than 40p a day. mingle Trend asked the Brits their opinion on the ending of aid to a Country which we ruled/occupied for 200 years.

49% of the UK participants say the UK should have stopped aid to India a long time ago. Men (57%) represent this opinion considerably more than women in Britain (42%).38% of people consider now is the right time to cease aid, and 14% say we should continue to provide financial aid to India. 43% of the youngest age-group consider it not right to discontinue aid to India; they are the only Group whop significantly want to carry on supporting India. 61% of 60-69 years support the government's decision to stop aid and think it should have been ceased a long time ago.

What is your opinion on stopping aid to India? Do you think the United Kingdom has an ongoing Obligation to India due to their connected past? On the other Hand, how can aid be justified to a Country which has more billionaires than the UK? Or is that irrelevant due to the Level of poverty still rife in India?

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 20-69 years of age
Sample :888 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 09.10.15 until 13.10.15
Method: Online survey, sample

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  1. E McDonald says:

    We do not have an obligation to provide aid to India, they have been independant for many years now. On a humanitarian level, there should be no arguement for charities or individuals to give where they choose to.

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