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10 December 2015

Allyson Morgan

60% of Brits oppose posting photos of their children on facebook


  • 60% of UK participants are against posting photos of their children on facebook
  • 41% of women in the UK have no problem putting photos of loved ones on their facebook wall
  • The 16-19 years have the least problem with children's photos

Innocent photos or vunerable images?


It is general knowledge that there is a real danger of the photos you post on facebook being saved by someone else and used for other purposes. The thought that your photo of a tree or a sunset being used is not so bad but when you imagine photos of your children being downloaded somewhere on the net, then alarm bells start ringing.

mingle Trend asked the British public if they were for or against the posting of children's photos on facebook. The results are somewhat suprising. 60% of people in the UK oppose putting photos of their children on their profiles and 40% have no problem with it. Men (61%) are slightly more sceptical than women (59%). It is astonishing that 77% of 16-19 years have no problem with images of kids on their facebook walls, could it likely that they are unaware of the real dangers? The older the participants, the more they contend the use of the children's photos; 74% of 60-69 years are absolutely against it.

Where do you stand on this? Has the way you use facebook changed over time? Or do you still post images like before? Maybe you have always been cautious about posting photos? Let us know your opinion on this topic.

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :859 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 03.12.15 until 08.12.15
Method: Online survey, sample

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  1. Catherine says:

    I got quite annoyed at my oldest son for putting his young sisters photo on his facebook page. She was only 5 and very pretty, I just felt it was an invasion of our privacy and may attract unwanted attention.

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