16 October 2015

Allyson Morgan

Sugar and alcohol and the Brits


  • 16% of Brits have already given up sugar and alcohol
  • 30% say they could go with both but don't want to
  • 28% of 60-69 years no longer eat sugar or drink alcohol

The way to a healthier lifestyle

For many years, Food experts and diet gurus preached about the perils of fat and how we should all carefully monitor the amount of fat we eat. However, they have made a u-turn and now the biggest evil facing us is sugar, contained in both foods and alcohol. mingle Trend asked the Brits whether they could give up sugar and alcohol.

16% of the total Brits who took part in the representative survey have already given up both and 30% think they could but have no motivation to do so. 20% are convinced they could go without sugar but not alcohol and 27% could imagine giving up alcohol but not sugar. Only 7% of Brits think they couldn't give up if they tried.

A look at the different age-groups reveal the 60-69 years are living most healthy; 28% have already given up both. 33%of 30-39 years aren't interested in foresaking sugar in foods and alcohol, only 7% of this age-group have given up both to live a healthier life.

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 20-69 years of age
Sample :888 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 09.10.15 until 13.10.15
Method: Online survey, sample

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