9 March 2016

Allyson Morgan

Baywatch the movie


  • 75 of the Brits will definitely be checking out the Baywatch film
  • 66% of people in the UK not interested in a movie about LA lifeguards
  • 22% of 16-19 years don't know what Baywatch is


The new Baywatch film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron is due to be released in 2017; 28 years after the series first aired on the TV. The movie will be rebooted with new stars but will also see the return of some original cast members, including David Hasselhof. This week, the press printed some photos of a very fit cast working out on the set which may have awakened the interest of movie fans and those who remember the original series. mingle Trend asked the British public whether they would be interested in going to see the movie.

7% of the mingle Trend participants say they would definitely go and watch the film, 25% would maybe see the Baywatch movie and 66% are definitely not interested in a film version of the red swimsuit series. Hopefully, big names like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron may capture the attention of the youngest participants as currently 22% of 16-19 years have never heard of Baywatch. It is the 30-39 years (16%) who are most enthusiastic about the new movie.

Do you remember the Baywatch series? What do you think of the new cast? Will you go and see it?

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :925 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 03.03.16 until 09.03.16
Method: Online survey, sample

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