5 February 2016

Allyson Morgan

Oscar boycott


  • 41% of men in the UK say they don`t agree with boycott of Oscars
  • 31% of women think the boycott is worthwhile

Do the Brits agree with the oscar boycott?

The call to boycott the oscars is getting louder; director Spike and actors Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are making a very loud protest about the lack of diversity at the 2016 oscars. mingle Trend asked the Brits their opinion on the topic.

Overall, 38% of the participants aren`t interested in the boycott, 26% agree and 36% do not support it. Women (31%) in the UK are far more supportive than men (19%) of the actions of the famous actors. The youngest age-group of 16-19 years (36%) are the most likely to agree with the boycott, but even so 37% are not interested. The 60-69 years (44%) are the least bothered about the whole subject.

Even if you are not interested in the boycott, do you think actions by such influential people in the film industry will make a difference? What about the nomination process? Should the public decide who should win the oscars?

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :955 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 21.01.16 until 26.01.16
Method: Online survey, sample

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