18 December 2014

Allyson Morgan

Dream team presenters on Strictly


  • 35% of fans say Tess/Claudia is the right combination
  • 39% of 20-29 years would prefer to see Claudia/Zoe presenting top BBC show
  • Youngest viewers biggest fans of Tess/Claudia

Keep dancing

When Claudia Winkelmann had to take a break from presenting Strictly recently and Zoe Ball stepped in to pair up with Tess Daly, the social media sites were alight with comments about how Zoe should be kept on permanently. mingle Trend set about asking the fans just what they thought.

Who thinks the existing presenter team is just the right one? 35% of all participants are happy with the Tess/Claudia combination.38% of females and a convincing 64% of 16-19 years are also content with the way things are. So, which fans would like to see a change? 29% of fans overall want to see a Tess/Zoe team, as well as 43% of 30-39 years and 32% of 50-59 years.

Which fans would prefer to see the departure of Tess Daly? 32% of male viewers of Strictly want the show to be fronted by Claudia and Zoe, as well as 39% of 20-29 years. This weekend is the final of the 2014 series, then the fans will have plenty of time to think about it until the next series.....and who knows what changes await them 🙂

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :335 British participants selected on a representative basis, who watch Strictly Come Dancing
Survey time : 12.12.14 until 15.12.14
Method: Online survey, sample

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