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21 May 2015

Allyson Morgan

Smartphone – Iris technology


  • 25% of the Brits would definitely give it a go
  • 16-19 years most keen to let their eye do the talking
  • Men in Britain more interested than women

All in the blink of an eye


The first mobile smartphone with iris-scanning security technology is about to offer an entirely new security experience for online users, allowing its owner to unlock the phone and authorize payments with a mere glance. mingle Trend asked the British public if they would be willing to try it out.

25% would definitely use the technology and 44% are interested saying they would "maybe" give it a try. On the other end of the spectrum, 18% state they would definitely not be trying out the iris technology. Men are slightly more interested in the scanning their smartphones with their eyes than women. 53% of 16-19 years would be keen to try out the new technology, closely followed by the 20-29 years (34%). The oldest generation are the most sceptical; although 61% have a Smartphone only 14% would definitely give it a go.

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :833 British participants selected on a representative basis
Survey time : 14.05.2015 until 21.05.15
Method: Online survey, sample

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  1. Humaira says:

    Definitely a winner. It beats trying to remember passwords and patterns.

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