13 January 2016

Allyson Morgan

41% of Brits are more likely to play lottery if payout is bigger


  • 42% of men say they are more motivated to play lottery if jackpot is bigger
  • 28% of 60-69 years play lottery anyway
  • Men play lottery consisderably more than women

And the winning lottery numbers are....

Last weekend, the lottery jackpot was a staggering £66 million and the nation waited with baited breath on Saturday evening. The huge winnings will be shared by two ticket holders, lucky them 🙂 Some people play the lottery every single week without fail, and many people don't play it at all. However, mingle Trend wanted to discover whether the British public are more likely to play the lottery if there is a rollover and the potential win is bigger.

19% of the total 896 participants stated they play the lottery anyway and 41% admitted the bigger the win the more likely they are to buy a ticket; 40% never play. It is clear from the results, that in general men (24%) play the lottery more often than women (15%), but both are motivated to pick their lucky numbers if the jackpot has swelled. The 30-39 years in the UK (53%) take a chance on the lottery the most often if the winnings are more than usual, whereas the oldest participants of 60-69 years (28%) play the lottery anyway.

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Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :896 British participants selected on a representative basis.
Survey time : 07.01.16 until 12.01.16
Method: Online survey, sample

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