20 October 2015

Allyson Morgan

Strictly Come Dancing predictions


  • 18% of Strictly fans predicted Daniel would leave next
  • Ainsley and Carol were also favourites to exit
  • Georgia and Kellie currently forerunners among Strictly fans

Keep dancing...

Series 13 of Strictly Come Dancing is already well under way and three celebrities have already been sent waltzing off the dance floor. The first to go was Iwan Thomas, then Anthony Ogogo and last week before the show we asked the British fans who they thought would be th next to go.

The Strictly fans made the right prediction 🙂 18% foresaw that it was the end of the road for Daniel O'Donnell ans his siren partner Kristina; he was a top favourite to go among the older participants (40-69 years); in particular the 40-49 years (22%). Carol Kirkwood, the weather girl from Scotland, was a close second; 23% of 60-69 years thought she would be the next to leave the glitzy show.

23% of 40-49 years and 22% of male fans assumed it would be the smily chef, Ainsely, to go last Sunday. 13% of women were reckoning with Jameila's exit. So what about this week, who do you think will go next? Let us know your predictions.

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 20-69 years of age
Sample :370 British participants selected on a representative basis, who are fans of Strictly Come Dancing
Survey time : 15.10.15 until 17.10.15
Method: Online survey, sample

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