15 December 2014

Allyson Morgan

35% of Strictly fans thought it was time for Mark and Karen to go


  • 35% of Strictly thought it would be Mark and Karen's last dance
  • Caroline and Pasha are clear favourites
  • 21% of female fans asummes it would be bye-bye for Simon and Kristina

Strictly 2014 is coming to a close

Caroline and Pasha got the first four straight tens of the series on Saturday and secured their place in the final in the results show yesterday evening. mingle Trend had asked the British fans who they thought would be waltzing off the ballroom floor.

35% of total fans were convinced it was the end of the road for Mark and Karen, and 37% of women would have betted on their departure too. Although they found themselves in the dance-off with Jake and Jeantte, they were saved by the judges. Before the weekend, less (22%)fans of the show saw Jake and Jeanette as as the ones to be eliminated.

Simon, who has constantly been convinced he would be the next to go, is through to the final and only 21% didn't believe in him. Caroline and Frankie remain the clear favourites, but after the shock departure of Pixie last weekend, mingle would say it's an open game.

Survey data base

Type of survey : British population between 16-69 years of age
Sample :467 British participants selected on a representative basis and who are fans of Strictly Come Dancing
Survey time : 12.12.14 until 15.12.14
Method: Online survey, sample

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